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You've come to the right place for all your spiritual needs. Our shop has a large selection and variety of candles, blessing sprays, sages, bracelets, crystals, and so much more...

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The shop is so peaceful and welcoming. They literally have everything you could ever need to start aligning your self spiritually.

Customer Review

Barbie is an amazing reader. She takes the time to really listen and connect with you. Her spiritual guidance is unlike any other and her staff is just amazing and knowledgeable!


New this Month

Shop our evil eye keychains! You can put them anywhere and feel protected always. This will help repel any negativity and evil eye thrown your way.

Best Sellers

Protection Kit

This is a starter kit to protect yourslef on a daily basis. Includes the famous Florida Water, Dragon's Blood Sage, and an Evil Eye Bracelet. All of our items come to you blessed and ready to use.

Lucky Buddha's

If you have bad luck with you car, whether it be accidents, flat tires, or even getting pulled over constantly... This is for you! All of our iitems come blessed and ready to use.

Spiritual Bracelets

We have a wide selection of bracelts for everything you can imagine... Protection, love, health, peace... the list goes on. Always recommended to wear 3 at a time on your left wrist. All of our items come blessed and ready to use.

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About the Owner: Intuitive Barbie

Our Story

Our shop has been at the same location in Opa Locka, Fl and open and ran by my Father REV Epy since 1970. Growing up the shop was practically my home, I was always allured to helping clients at the shop my whole childhood. I was born with the gift of seeing and high intuition. Everything I have learned was taught to me by my parents. My mother decided to open our candle factory in Cutler Bay, Florida in 1980. I am a 2nd generation master tarot reader since the age of 18 and the current owner of Clara Luz since 2020. My father passed away December 15, 2021. And I am beyond grateful he gave me his blessing to take over the business a year before his passing. I am an initiated Chango Priestess in Palo Mayombe. I am also intuitiveBarbie13 on the wooladytv show. In 2022 the shop received a whole remodel and rebranding. My main focus was to create a safe environment for my clients for them to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as they trust me with their guidance and journey. My goal is to raise awareness about the importance of connecting to yourself, to live your best life and be a living example of the magic that comes when we trust our ancestors to guide us there. Clara Luz Botanica is a metaphysical shop that was created for the culture and generations to come that have the desire to achieve it ALL! We offer products for finances, court cases, healing, love, aligning, manifesting and mastering the law of attraction.  We believe that the first step to living a fulfilled life is spirituality and faith. So at Clara Luz we offer a unique variety of products to aid you in your journey of manifesting the life that you absolutely LOVE and truly desire.

Love, Barbie